Burberry from Italy ♥

love love love!!!~ ♥
One of my favorite brands
I made this purchase in Venice
I love them classics! so classic purse cell
and watch too..
I am in love with this watch! ♥ yay!
See ya!



I`m here!!
Oh, Italy sooo perfect place! All people who live in Italy very happy, i think! Because... it`s paradise))) ^^
And some bonus - it`s me and beautiful ZHI ZHI

other photos about my trip i posted here later~



Saturday we went to the night white korean party. Just me and my friend Kari-tan. Other friends i met at the party. My boyfriend don`t go... because he don`t like any korean party :D I now, that many koreans people in Russia don`t like this too~

Party was very bad, really... We left from the party at 5 am
looks like very beautiful! :3

Yesterday I was very tired at work, but when i got home I sat down again to work with my mini-dinner...
Then I went to the store and bought a necklace and hairclipper
and now I need to collect the suitcase!
I'm going to Italy in 2 days! Yay~!!!!! \*.*/
Top- W♥C
Shorts - Soda
Bag - M.A.C.
Scrunchy -SBY

See ya!
P.S.:bad english.. sorry.. lol


time to go home!~

Now my working day comes to an end, and I can go home! Yay!
I'm really waiting it!
But from work to my house to go 40 minutes... =_="
In this photo, my nose looks bad, so it will be flower)) hah :D

Today my parents returned from Finland! they bring a lot of tasty food))
Omo-Omo! *3*

And in the evening I meet my boyfriend to spend time :3
I really missed him, although we saw a day ago! T_T
Every day I think, that would be very nice to live together! then we`ll not be parted long!
14th of July I'm going to Italy for two weeks! will be greatly missed him! T_T
 now I'm running home

See ya


Rilakkuma lovely items ♥

Best and very cute bear, i think!
really love them :3

it`s pretty couple items with kuma..
..you can order here strapya-world.com  for only 15.80$! And split with your boyfriend or best friend~
 I advise to buy this stand for the camera

very cute and convenient if you have the usual small camera
you can order here strapya-world.com

See ya!

evening with my boyfriend :3

yesterday we were cooking dinner~
I love when we cook together ♥
Kim has taught me to cook Chinese and Korean food
And this is very interesting, really!
Here is example of our easy, but very tasty meal   ♥ hah~
*zucchini with garlic and pepper (very hot!!)
*egg with tomato
Buon appetito!



lovely mobile ♥

This is my new lovely panel for mobile.
It`s look like cold and winter~ haha
But ya, i like this
And i want to do more-more some beauty panels
soon))) :3
See ya!


я снова возвращаюсь сюда?

Сейчас я решила снова вести этот блог! И я думаю, что буду писать здесь и на русском и на английском. Всё по настроению))
Позже я выложу здесь немного моих новых фото, а затем буду стараться писать здесь чаще ;)
я чувствую это необходимым для себя сейчас.
Я так же надеюсь, что скоро смогу завести себе здесь друзей :3
ХОХО ♥ nekotya ♥