Good news!! For all who loves k-pop in Russia! ♥
SHINee in Moscow! :3

See ya!


Yumetenbo shopping ♥

Oh!!~ i love love love this shop ♥
And my new boots, so cute and hime stylish~ ♥
So, pics:
And black-pink MA*RS style things :3 love this too)
And hime-kei t-short with ribbon
That all!

See ya!



yesterday my boyfriend wanted to buy a kitten
 but I was in a bad mood
so cute and beautiful kitten
Now I want to cry ... I'm so stupid ..
oh sorry oppa... 

See ya!


Hello hello~

something about my new nails~
it`s pink and pika-pika ♥ love))
love to do nails ♥
I sit a few hours and do do do~
i am enjoy it :3
And my lovely hello kitty toy, it`s hand mayd too
Oh, i love that! So cute and diamond shine
My business is "eating" a lot of time, and I haven`t any time to do anything at home..wash, clean, cooking..etc.
Ashhh~ >< it is difficult
and i want dog))
and really want to get away from my work in the bank..

See ya!


have a nice day!
in weekend i ordered some beautiful clothes from DreamV ♥__♥
And some pics from ma weekend~
chinese food - love,love,love! 
japanese food love too :D rolls with shrimp and pink rice-paper. Suki desu yo~! :3
it`s japanese too - spinach, cheese,shrimp
Ma look~
 And my boyfriend without head :D
Just because he does`t like to be photographed..But i liked him shirt in this day :D
See ya!



something about my new circle lenses!
it`s GEO Super Nudy color, Brown color, d. 14,8
i don`t like that lenses so much... I like the brown color, yes.. but not this lens series.
I love Barbie King Size series. 
Oh, beautiful lens and beautiful Sacurina ♥
So, my eyes without make-up
and with make-up
Ok, that all about new lens
Now i`m going to meet with ma friend
We`ll go to sushi restaurant~ :3
See ya


lovely koda kumi ♥

just want to say that i love Kumi :3
and i like her new song and MV - V.I.P.
This is only preview her clips~
 I`m waiting KO-SO-KO-SO song and MV
I think it will erotic and sexy beauty~ ♥

See ya


after Italy love caprese soooo much!
Eat it every day, because it`s very tasty and easy, and helpful of course! :3
And my blue eyes
It`s king series circle lens
I love grey and brown color too
it`s the best series for me~
See ya