today.... oh, today... T_T

today i`m very tired...

and our dog ~


about AR again

yesterday Wataru said me finally amount - 193 eur!!

ええ~!! 何?? so expensive...
Now I have to pay for my studies at the Universityand next weekend I plan to go to Helsinki..
I do not have enough money if I buy a mulba
P.S.: now I have no friends here ... but I think someday they will appear))


AR mulba ♥

I know that i`m not manba, i`m gyaru. But i like manba style and AR clothes so much~! And a year ago knowing it i was afraid to buy a Alba Rosa mulba.
I thinking: my skin is not black, I dont wear wigs, and very bright clothes... not-not-not~!
And today i said myself: stop!! You can buy it and you will be happy with this thing! lol
I like this color soooch~!!
but i dont have 130 eur now, because i put them in the bank account .....

And i`m Shopaholic, my mom will scold me again.....*oh noooo~!!!*



This is my first post here~!
  I do not know how long I'll write here... but i know that now I really want to write in English far away from my Russian friends.. 
My english is bad...Sorry! lol