Saturday we went to the night white korean party. Just me and my friend Kari-tan. Other friends i met at the party. My boyfriend don`t go... because he don`t like any korean party :D I now, that many koreans people in Russia don`t like this too~

Party was very bad, really... We left from the party at 5 am
looks like very beautiful! :3

Yesterday I was very tired at work, but when i got home I sat down again to work with my mini-dinner...
Then I went to the store and bought a necklace and hairclipper
and now I need to collect the suitcase!
I'm going to Italy in 2 days! Yay~!!!!! \*.*/
Top- W♥C
Shorts - Soda
Bag - M.A.C.
Scrunchy -SBY

See ya!
P.S.:bad english.. sorry.. lol

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