11 from Sana ♥

remark: i just said 11 facts about me and answer the questions. I don`t love any big  fm in blogs) lol

ok, let start!! ♥
11 facts~:
1. i love Japan and Japanese language 7 years ♥
2. i wore braces 6 years ago
3. i can`t live without  vegetables (lol), i eat them every day
4. i didn`t use any make-up in high school and college
5. i love Mylene Farmer since elementary school
6. i love eating cheeps with tea XD
7. i know french a little bit
8. i have two best friend! (we have been friends 16 years)
9. i had an affair with a colleague at work
10. once in Italy, I lost my friend. She was in Venice first time and I left her alone, and then we could not find her. I am very sorry about that T.T
11. at the university gave us 4 months to write a diploma, but I wrote it for 1 week) is it fact? XD

11 answer:
1. What or who inspired you for blogging?
2. What's your occupation?
3. What's your hobby besides blogging?
♥ nail-art,models,high fashion
4.What kind of music do you listen to?
♥ k-pop, j-pop
5. What's your goal for life?
♥ be popular
6. If you could turn back time,what would your want to change in your life?
♥ nothing)))) i love my life
7. What's the type of guy you like?
♥ strong and funny
8. What's the thing you like the most about blogging?
♥ photos))
9.What's your fav food?
♥ chicken with pineapple **
10.Do you have any sibling?
♥ yes
11. What would you prefer dogs or cats?
♥ cats!! )))

3 комментария:

  1. Thank you for doing the tag ^ ^

    I think the last one of your fact is normal coz we all do it!! XD
    And especially...start and finish it in the last week before we have it turn it in.

  2. Sana

    даааа,всю в слезах))